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How To Access Files On The FTP Server

1) Using Internet Explorer(Actually using Windows Explorer):  If you click on the link above, Internet Explorer will open to a page that says "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".  This is due to a know issue with Internet Explorer and FTP.  On the toolbar at the top, click on "View" and then select "Open FTP Site In Windows Explorer".  An error message will pop up.  Click "Ok" to close it, and then on the Windows Explorer toolbar at the top, click on "File", then select "Login As...".  Enter your login information to enter the FTP server.  From here, you can drag/drop files as needed to and from the server.  You can also save the link to your favorites for easier future access, or just connect to the account using windows explorer without even having to come to our web page to link to the FTP Server.

2) Using your favorite FTP program:  Hostname: ftp.imedia-av.com
                                                            Username: your_username@imedia-av.com
                                                            Password: your_password
                                                            Port: 21

Here are a couple of popular FTP programs: